Talentoo Web Solutions, S.L. in accordance with Ley 34/2002, del Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico (LSSICE), and with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), n. 679/2016/UE, informs you that:


1. The domains and, are owned by the trade company Talentoo Web Solutions S.L., hereinafter “Talentoo” with domicile in Calle Tera n. 1, Villaviciosa de Odón, 28670, Madrid.
To communicate with us we put at your disposal the email and the telephone number +34 694 42 05 11, available from Monday to Thursday from h.9 to 18 and on Friday from h.9 to 15.


2. The domains and, have the goal of informing the public, in general, about its activities and services, which mainly consist in being a place of meeting for organizations or people whose professional activity is the selection of personnel, recruitment and/or labour intermediation, (hereinafter referred to as “Recruiters”), and for organizations with real necessity for contracting, which have job offers and job vacancies (hereinafter referred to as “Contractors”). Talentoo allows Contractors, through a dynamic, safe, simple and quick platform, to give visibility and manage its own vacancies, express their needs, share experiences and generally to use a tool for seeking and selecting the most adequate workers for their vacancies, thanks to the Recruiters who will put the CVs of the best candidates at the disposal of the Contractors.


3. The present general conditions regulate the access and use of the website of the url and (hereinafter referred to as the “Web”) put at disposal freely for internet users by Talentoo. The access to the Web implies the acceptance of the present conditions.


4. In general, the provision of the services is submitted to the previous compilation of the user registration form. In the same way, Talentoo puts at the disposal of its users some services which requires the compilation of more forms. Registration will be conducted in the form expressly indicated in its own service or in the particular conditions that regulate it.


5. Talentoo Web Solutions S.L.U. gives access to a multitude of info, services, programmes or data belonged by Talentoo itself or to its users.
The user takes the responsibility for the use of the platform. This responsibility covers the registration needed to access determined services and contents. In the registration form, user will be responsible of inserting truthful and licit info. As consequence of the registration, user will receive a password and he will be responsible for committing himself to make a confidential and prudent use. User undertakes to make an adequate use of the contents and services of the Web and, as not exhaustive examples, not to use them in order to (i) incur illegal, illicit or contrary to the public faith or to the public order, activities; (ii) spread racist, xenophobic, illegal-pornographic, terroristic, detrimental of human rights contents or propaganda; (iii) provoke damages in the physical and logistical systems of Talentoo Web Solutions S.L.U., of its providers or third parties, introducing or spreading viruses in the Web or in other systems, capable of provoking the aforementioned damages; (iv) try to access and use the account of other users and modify and manipulate his messages.


6. Intellectual Property Rights of the Web and, its codes, design, structure, database and all the other elements are owned by Talentoo, which has the exclusive right of its exploitation in any forms, especially through the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.


7. Visualisation, printing and partial download of the contents of the Web are authorized only and exclusively when the following conditions are met:

  • Compatibility with Web goals;
  • Obtaining the info for personal and private use only. It is expressly forbidden to use for commercial purposes or for distribution, public communication and transformation;
  • Total respect and integrity of the Web contents as it is expressly forbidden to edit them;
  • No use of graphics or any image in the Web, separately from the text or the rest of elements that go with them.


8. Talentoo has the discretion of modifying or updating the contents of the Web, its configuration or design and its access conditions, at any moment and without the necessity of a previous notice.


9. Talentoo does not guarantee the inexistence of interruptions or mistakes of its system, nor its constant updating, but commits itself to deal with all the operations necessary to re-establish the correct functioning as soon as it is warned of the inconveniences, as long as there is not any cause that would make those operations impossible or very difficult to carry out.


10. Talentoo cannot guarantee the veracity, adequacy, loyalty, relevance or accuracy of job offers published by Contractors. Consequently, Talentoo will not be responsible for any damage or prejudice that might rise in the context of the relation employer/employee due to, as non-exhaustive examples: inaccuracies of the contents of job offers, different conditions from the ones proposed in the job announcement, different schedule than the one specified in the platform etc.


11. Users are only responsible in case of undue access or use of the info contained in the Web. Talentoo is not liable for any consequence, damages or prejudice that may derive from the aforementioned use or access of the Web. In the same way, it will never be liable for any damage or prejudice of any nature that might rise due to, as non-exhaustive examples: mistakes or omissions in the contents, lack of service of the platform or transmission of harmful viruses or programmes, despite all the technical measures adopted to avoid it.


12. In compliance with anti-spamming policy of Talentoo, users commit themselves to avoid to:
(i) collect data for advertising purposes and send advertisements of any kind with the aim of selling or other commercial purposes without a previous consent or request of the recipient;
(ii) send other types of unrequired messages to a multitude of recipients;
(iii) send chains of messages;


13. Talentoo is not liable for mistakes of security that might occur, nor for damages that might be caused to user’s computer system (hardware and software), or to files and docs stored in it, as consequence of:

  • Presence of viruses in user’s computer used for the connection to the services contained in the Web
  • Browser malfunctioning
  • Use of non-updated versions of the system.


14. Talentoo does not hold any liability for the links on the Web, as long as they are aliens to it, nor it guarantees the absence of viruses or other elements that might produce alterations to the computer system (hardware and software), to documents or files, excluding any kind of responsibility for this kind of damages caused by these reasons.
If any user, client or third part, considers that some contents or services of pages linked to Talentoo platform, are illicit or harmful to his or other parts’ goods and rights, particularly consisting in:

  • Activities or contents that might constitute a criminal offence to Spanish law.
  • Activities or contents that breach intellectual or industrial property rights.
  • Activities or contents that constitute a danger for public order, criminal investigations, public safety and national defence.
  • Activities or contents that constitute a danger for public health protection, principle of non-discrimination, human being dignity, health and childhood protection.

He must send an email to so that administrators put in place the most adequate measures to solve those problems.


15. Talentoo is the owner of all intellectual and industrial property rights referred to its products and services. About third parties’ products and services, Talentoo recognizes the correspondent intellectual and industrial property rights in favour of its owners, underlining that the simple mention or appearance in the Web does not imply the existence of rights or responsibilities of Talentoo on them.


16. Non authorized use of the info contained in the Web, its selling, as well as any infringement of intellectual property rights, will give rise to liabilities legally established.


17. Talentoo and the users, with express renounce to any other jurisdiction and competence, submit to the judgement of Tribunals and Courts of Madrid for any controversy or litigation that might derive from the access and the use of the Web, as well as any other service provided by Talentoo.