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Centralize all your selection processes in a single platform that groups all the channels and tools you need.

In addition, we take care of billing, saving you time in managing suppliers effectively.

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“My assessment of the selection processes is very positive. Talentoo helps us find very interesting profiles that fit the open position we have at any time. Many of our hires are through Talentoo. In addition, they help us filter a large number of CVs that enter for the same position and that makes the selection process more agile and faster when it comes to seeing candidates. Talented as our company, they share the same objective which is to get the best candidate that fits the position. "

Mª Vanesa Andreu Rodríguez

Human Resources and Administration of Future Space S.A.

"Thanks to Talentoo, we have been able to improve our professional hiring system, access a wide pool of recruiters, improve the quality of the profiles received, reach deadlines in the selection process and reduce the final cost of the process."

Sergio Montes Cristóbal

HR Director of SUARDIAZ Group

Talentoo seems to me, a fantastic tool as an intermediary between headhunters and companies, since it allows you to work on your own terms. You put the price and the requirements of the position and the headhunters are in charge of managing the CVs and initial interviews, which in turn, saves time and administration for the Company. You make sure that you only see the candidates that best suit what you need. Also, the platform is very easy to use and they have a fantastic team of people who are always ready to help you throughout the process!

Mirna Bley Elias

Organization Talent and Rewards Lead Grupo Telepizza

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  • Determine the price you pay
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  • Not always, as there is no filter
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  • Depend on the quality of the recruiter
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  • Depend on the quality of the recruiter
  • Always, as there is a filter


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